Budgeting For Your Backyard Remodeling Project

backyard patio
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If you look at your backyard and think it can be better, you likely have a plan for renovating it. But you can’t just do anything that you want with your yard. You face a few limitations and one of them is the fact that you need to follow a budget. With limited funds, you might end up not finishing any of the work. It is a good idea to be aware of how much money you need to spend to get results.

Here is a brief look at some costs you can expect from a general landscaping effort:

Cost of Landscaping

Proper landscaping is the base cost of any backyard renovation. You don’t want a flat featureless backyard and that requires you to have a landscaper be creative. The most basic landscaping costs around a thousand dollars. That is just tree trimming, grass, and a few other plants to smooth things out. However, the costs go up as soon as you want to get fancy. For example, you might want to add nice features like a water garden or to lay down a gravel path. If you have the budget, then you can transform your backyard completely.

Cost of Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

There are few pleasures nicer than having a nice summer barbecue or maybe a night beside an outdoor fire pit in your backyard. While it may sound simple, installing outdoor fireplaces or fire pits will require a professional to do it. This ensures that they don’t become fire hazards and that they look good. While you can do it yourself if you have experience, it is better left to the professionals. This will cost you around $2,000, which is a good price since it will likely last a long time and add considerable value to your home.

Cost of a Patio

Another backyard upgrade that you should consider is a patio. Instead of just plain turf, you can have solid wood under your feet as you spend time in your backyard. A simple patio involves laying down a wooden floor for an area to relax in. If you want something fancier, you can lay down a slab of concrete to ensure that your patio has a more solid foundation.

For all this work and materials, you will be spending a little over $3,000. You can cut down on that by doing the work yourself but take note that it will take time and effort if you want to do it. It would be much simpler to have a contractor do it.

Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen

While you might have a kitchen indoors, installing a backyard one can make it a lot easier to have those nice summer parties. You won’t have to move far to deliver the cooked food to your guests. Additionally, there is nothing like grilling some burgers in your yard. A simple grill is inexpensive and costs you less than a thousand dollars. But you can go beyond that and have ovens for pizza baking or even a mini-fridge. However, that can easily reach a five-figure sum.

Cost of a Gazebo

Patios are nice but you might want a bit of shade to ward off the sun. This is where building a structure like a gazebo comes in. It gives you a place to relax with some privacy. Building a structure like that is going to cost you several thousand dollars. The lower-end gazebos will cost around $3,000 while the fancier ones can be around $9,000. That includes all the materials and construction. You can cut down on some costs by buying a kit and doing the construction yourself.

Cost of a Swimming Pool

The crown jewel of any backyard renovation is installing a swimming pool. However, it will cost a lot of money. The usual price for a good swimming pool is around $28,000. That is the basic package without any of the usual additional features. Besides that, there are also the maintenance costs that you have to pay monthly. The expense can be worth it to have regular access to a pool. Swimming is the ideal exercise and the health benefits can be worth it. Additionally, the social value of a swimming pool can be impressive. If you have the funds then it can be worth it.

When you are planning to do a renovation of your backyard, you must know exactly how much it will cost you. This allows you to plan out a good budget that will meet all your needs. With money set aside for expenses, you can be sure that your aims for your backyard would be reached.

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