Selling Your Home? Signs Your House Will Sell Fast

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Most people planning to sell their home hope to do so fast, and seeing that you’re here, it’s likely the case for you. While there’s no sure way of predicting how long your home will spend on the market before you find a serious buyer, some things can give you a rough idea. Here are seven signs your house will sell fast.

1. Healthcare is Easily Accessible

Easy access to healthcare is among the top signs your house will sell fast. Prospective buyers know that medical emergencies can arise anytime and are sometimes life-threatening. They understand the time it takes to get from the property to the nearest hospital can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

So, the closer your home is to primary care services, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers. This is especially true for those with chronic illnesses or family members who do, and those with kids. For parents, access to family dental services will be highly important.

Another reason proximity to healthcare will increase your property’s appeal is it saves money and time on transportation costs and eliminates the hassle of traffic jams. There’s also the fact that hospitals are typically exempt from load shedding or blackouts. You may wonder how this benefits you as a homeowner and the prospective buyer.

Homes near or within the same grid as major healthcare facilities enjoy a stable and reliable power supply. Such a convenience will be especially appreciated by those who work from home. Still, even those who don’t will find it a plus.

2. Good Schools are Available

When you meet with prospective buyers, especially those with kids who are still in school, one of the questions you can expect them to ask you, especially if they haven’t done their research yet, is if there are good schools in the locality. Living near a good educational institution can positively impact a child’s overall quality of life and education and offer convenience for the family. For example, it makes it much easier for parents to drop off or pick up their kids. Besides that, it significantly reduces the time spent on daily commutes.

Alternatively, children who live near their school can bike or walk to class, which lowers the risk of accidents linked to driving or using public transportation. The proximity of the schools in your area to your home will also impact how involved a parent can be in their children’s education. Attending events and meetings is way easier when you live in the same area as your child’s school.

So, if your home is in an area with some of the top private schools, it’s one of the signs your house will sell fast. When prospective buyers come over for viewing and tell you they have little kids, mention and recommend any good private preschools in your area. Don’t assume your clients know. Not every one of them will have done their research beforehand.

3. There is a Secure Garage

As you look for signs your house will sell fast, the garage is one feature you want to pay attention to as it significantly impacts the overall security of a home. Every buyer wants to feel safe in their new home. So, when choosing which one to buy, many prioritize security above many other factors. If your garage’s current door is old, worn out, and has functionality issues, replacing it with a new one designed with home security in mind is in your best interest. Doing so will significantly increase your chances of selling fast by making your house more secure and appealing to today’s security-conscious buyers.

For optimal levels of security, opt for a steel sectional garage door. Steel is a strong metal that would be almost impossible for intruders to break into using force. Sectional doors shut snugly, eliminating any spaces where thieves could wedge tools or other things to pry the door open.

This combination makes for one secure garage. To take things to the next level, consider replacing your garage door opener with a more contemporary model with rolling code technology, making it harder for sophisticated burglars to break in. Normally, they record door opener codes before replaying them to gain unauthorized access into homes through the garage.

If your garage door is still in working order and doesn’t need a replacement, contact a garage door service and schedule an inspection. These professionals will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection to determine its true condition. Once they’re done, they’ll let you know of any repair and maintenance needs and ultimately recommend whether you’re better off with a replacement or if you can do with a few fixes.

4. The Roof is Well Maintained

One of the surest signs your house will sell fast is a well-maintained roof. However, if it’s showing visible signs of aging, you can be sure it’ll turn off most, if not all, prospective buyers. The idea here is once they notice the signs of neglect, it’ll plant a seed of doubt about the state of other home systems like plumbing or HVAC. Buyers start analyzing the roof’s state as soon as they see the house, whether or not they know it.

If the property looks well-maintained and the roof is in good shape, they’ll be psychologically ready for a good viewing. However, if the curb appeal is low and the roof looks untidy with visible signs of wear and tear, buyers could conclude the property is overvalued. Consequently, if they make an offer, they’ll likely lower it. The result is you’ll earn less from the sale. In the worst-case scenario, your home may stay on the market for months, forcing you to lower the price to try and attract buyers.

If roofing problems arise during the home inspection, a deal may fall apart entirely. You should always remember that the last thing new homeowners want is to deal with the hassle of repairing their roofs so soon after they move in. Even if it blows the deal, most prospective buyers will pass on your property if it needs maintenance.

Before putting your house on the market, research roofing companies in your area and schedule an inspection with the most reputable one. With the help of a seasoned roofer, you’ll be in a better position to know the current state of your roof and what parts need repair or replacement. This way, you can decide whether you’re ready to accept a lower offer or if you’ll make the necessary fixes to increase your home’s value.

Another thing that will affect how fast your home sells is the type of roofing material. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the US. They can last up to 20 years before needing replacement.

5. Climate Control is Good

Good climate control is also among the signs your house will sell fast. When looking at homes, potential buyers consider how much more they may need to spend after purchasing. Being the largest and most costly appliance in the home, it only makes sense that one of the numerous factors they pay attention to when making an offer is the heating and air conditioning system.

HVAC systems typically last 10-15 years. Some buyers will look elsewhere if yours is near the end of its expected useful life. Others will include that in their offer price, ultimately lowering your sale price.

The rising cost of utilities and growing consciousness about energy use have made prospective home purchasers more concerned than ever with energy efficiency. According to a USA Today study, properties with green certification fetch 9% more than regular homes, translating to an average of $34,800. While retrofitting your entire home to make it green-certified may present some unique challenges, the result is obvious.

Buyers won’t hesitate to make an offer. They’ll even be more willing to dig deeper into their pockets for increased energy efficiency. As long as you can convince prospective buyers that your house is more energy-efficient than others in the neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly sell your house faster and for a higher price.

Another thing buyers will consider regarding your HVAC is how well it’s maintained. Regular maintenance ensures the system’s proper functioning and directly affects its lifespan. You could void your manufacturer’s warranty if you can’t provide documentation proving that your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioner have received regular maintenance.

The problem with this is the new homeowner will be liable if anything goes wrong. While there’s no guarantee for the potential for loss, it may still be considered in their offer price, or they’ll start looking at other homes in the market. So, before you start advertising, have a professional from your local HVAC company look at your system and recommend the best course of action. When you do this, you can consider it one of the signs your house will sell fast.

6. The Plumbing System is Properly Maintained

The plumbing system is a home’s most important functional component. It ensures a constant supply of clean water wherever needed, like in the kitchen, bathroom, and yard. For this reason alone, a properly maintained residential plumbing system is one of the signs your house will sell fast and for a high price.

The last thing most prospective buyers want is to spend their hard-earned money on a home with plumbing problems as they understand the consequences, with water damage being one of the most detrimental. Malfunctioning plumbing fixtures and burst or leaky pipes can lead to water seepage and infiltration into walls, ceilings, and floors. Eventually, it can cause serious structural damage, such as rotting timber, mold growth, and weakened foundations. No homeowner wants that, especially after purchasing a home they consider ”new.”

Plumbing issues can also detract from a property’s aesthetic appeal. Obvious signs of leaks, like warped floors, peeling paint, or water stains, can make a bad first impression on prospective buyers. Older or faulty plumbing fixtures, including shower heads, faucets, or toilets, can also take away from the overall appeal of your house. In most cases, buyers seek residences ready to move into with little to no modification. If your plumbing has visible aesthetic problems, it might turn off buyers or result in lower offers.

Take time before putting your property on the market to ensure the plumbing is in optimal working order. Contact your local plumber and schedule an inspection along with a maintenance service. When you do this, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you finally get to the point of selling.

7. The House Looks Great

If you can look at your home’s exterior and honestly say it has great curb appeal, then it’s one of the signs your house will sell fast. Every potential buyer wants their new home to look great and attract positive comments from visitors and onlookers as soon as they see it. So when they come for a viewing, you can be sure they’ll start taking notes of the exterior and landscaping immediately. Their initial reaction is powerful as it will instantly set the tone for the rest of the tour. Expect the rest of your home to suffer if it’s negative.

The idea here is that the condition of a home’s facade typically matches the interior. Buyers will be extremely cautious about what type of maintenance concerns might be waiting for them inside and the areas they can’t see if the driveway has cracks, the paint job is faded or peeling, and the grass is long or patchy. To them, such issues translate to dollar signs and additional stress, making them move on to the competition.

As you prepare to list your home, ensure you work on the curb appeal. If it’s in good condition and you have been keeping up with landscaping needs, exterior cleaning may be all you need to bring things up to par. However, if the yard looks unkempt or the paint looks drab, you’ll need to spend more and hire several professionals or be ready to accept a lower offer or wait for months to sell.

Everyone with a home on the market hopes to sell it fast and at the highest price possible. You can do a lot to achieve this, but the idea is to make your home as appealing as possible. This read lists some signs your house will sell fast and provides tips on things you can do to ensure you get the best deal.

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