How to Drain a Yard With No Slope

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A challenge for those providing home maintenance and repair services is retrofitting a drainage system in a yard with little slope. Depending on the style of the home and guttering, poor drainage in a flat yard can lead to puddles near the house that can harm the home’s foundation by causing water leaks. You can often resolve the issue by adding a system that drains the areas that experience puddling.

Often, the areas around the home have walkways, underground utilities, and other obstacles to address when installing the drainage system. After determining the puddling areas and designing the course for the drainage pipe, you may need to remove portions of the walkways.

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Generally, the design will include catch basins in holes dug deep enough to allow water to seep into the soil. Water fills the catch basin and enters the drainage pipe when the soil becomes saturated. Of course, you must dig the pipe’s path deep enough so the pipe slopes properly in the direction of the sewer, street, or other target destination.

After testing the system to ensure the water drains properly, the yard drainage services team returns the area to normal. That may involve replacing concrete, resodding, or general clean-up. Although the drain system costs money, it can help avoid larger bills for foundation damage.


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