What You Need to Know About Sump Pump Installation

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If you have ever wondered how a sump pump is installed, this YouTube video will demonstrate. A sump pump brings water into your home and to your toilet. The first step in sump pump installations is to drill a hole in your basement floor. After the hole is finished, the contractor places a basin in the hole.

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To protect the basin, the contractor places filter fabric around it before putting it inside the hole. The fabric prevents silt and dirt from getting into the basin. A paver stone helps to keep the basin flat. Concrete is used to fill the area around and over the top of the basin.

A sump pump is then placed inside the basin. Water enters the basin through a PVC pipe, which enters your home from the exterior. This PVC pipe is attached to the water main on your property. The water that enters your home will enter the sump pump.

A check valve inside the pump keeps the water from returning outside. On the outside of the sump pump is a float. The float will regulate the water level inside the basin. This system will regulate the water flow to your toilet.


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