The Very Basics of Keeping Your Tools Safe

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You’ve finally purchased your dream home. Years of scouting, finding the right timing, and carefully picking out the amenable interest rate have finally brought you to this point. You kick back and settle alone in your garage while your family runs around exploring the entire house and lot. Tools you used for small repairs lay sprawled across the garage floor. Suddenly, you realize there is more work to be done.

Storage is necessary for the completion of your house. To sustain your things for the years to come, your gardening tools and your other electrical equipment must be kept in a safe and place. Always throwing money to a repairman to do small repairs or a gardener to go landscaping wouldn’t be practical in the long run. Admittedly, it is more economical to keep tools.

Tools are integral. Aside from having tools ready to be used anytime, it must also be kept out of reach of curious little hands. Here are some things you can do yourself to keep your tools safe and in tip-top shape.

Finding a Perfect Spot

The first thing you must prioritize when building storage is to find a perfect spot to build your storage area. The area must have space enough to keep the entirety of your collection. You must also leave space for additional tools and equipment to be included as part of your assemblage. Garages or backyard sheds are great candidates to house your lair for tools.

Keeping a Dry Cabinet

The cabinet must, at all times, be kept dry. By no means should it be touching the ground and be accidentally flooded when the rains come pouring in. It must be air-tight and vacuum-sealed to prevent mold from invading the space. Rust is your tools’ number one enemy. Corrosion and rust alone cost the United States $1,000,000,000 every year. A long time of non-use is rust’s number one opportunity to take over a lock full of equipment.

Choosing the Type of Storage

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A glass showcase for your tools is a definite must-have if you want to find your tools quickly. However, if you are opting to merely store them in neat storage, you can choose to store them in a wooden or metal container. Glass storage offers convenience, but it is one of the most fragile types of containers around. Metal storage can offer protection. However, it is extremely prone to rust and degradation. A wooden container is a bit in between a glass and a metal case. It can offer protection and when properly taken care of, is not prone to degradation and rusting. Fortunately, all offer protection from vermin and other pests notorious for destroying equipment.

Cleaning Your Tools

Cleaning your tools before storing them is one of the most important things you must do to protect and keep them safe. Brushing them with the necessary oils to keep them topped up and ready to go is integral to keep functioning electrical equipment. Coating them with oils also helps protect the equipment from rust.

Insuring Your Tools

Lastly, covering your tools with insurance is a must-do to forever protect your tools. It protects them from being lost, stolen, or damaged. You can also expand its coverage to protect yourself from the equipment dealing injuries to other people. It acts almost the same as car insurance. It also forces you to keep a directory of all your tools and equipment.

Tools are necessary to maintain a house. It saves you from the hassle of calling a carpenter whenever you need to do minor repairs. However, keeping them safe can be a pain. You must ensure your tools are protected properly so you wouldn’t have to spend much more to buy brand-new ones.

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