Four Easy Fixes To Help Maintain Your Roof

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Roofs are an expensive investment. Some even cost as high as $35,000 for high-quality materials, which is why it’s only natural for most homeowners to feel the need to protect it.

Fortunately, roofs are one of the sturdiest parts of any construction. So, even if your roof is more than a decade old, maintaining it will help lengthen its lifespan. Thus, keeping you from having to change it before the end of its lifecycle. Here are a few practical tips to help you maintain its condition and prolong its longevity.

Eliminate the moss

In many countries, composition roofs often get encrusted with black algae. Although it doesn’t affect the roof’s resilience against the weather, it can make your roof look old and withered.

To get rid of the buildup growing in your roof, using products with potassium salts coming from fatty acids is a good option. You can also apply soap wherever you see clumps of moss growing while preventing it from getting into the storm drains. Once your roof is entirely clean and moss-free, you can then invest in zinc strips to prevent it from coming back.

Keep the gutters clutter-free

Clogged gutters can do more than ruin the paint on the siding. It can even cause your basement to get flooded, especially during a strong storm. But did you know that a water overflow can go upward, too?

When dead lives get too deep into the gutters, the water can wick into your home’s roof sheathing. Thus, causing it to rot. When left untreated, the roof rafters will start to decay. To prevent it from happening, hiring a reputable roof cleaning company can help get rid of the debris to prevent it from clogging the gutter.


Trim all the overhanging branches

Even simple tree-trimming can go a long way in keeping your roof free from any damages. Abrasions coming from the branches and leaves can eventually lead to shingle damages, especially during strong winds. Even more, these branches can allow pests to access your roof. Once that happens, they can potentially gnaw on your roof and cause further damages. If it’s impossible to trim down the branches, you can consider wrapping the tree tank with a sheet of metal to stop them from climbing.

Avoid standing on the rooftop

Although standing on the roof at night may look cool on TV, the roof’s metal surface is thin and cannot support a person’s weight. While you’re not going to fall through the roof directly, there’s a high chance that you cause some dents and even damage the wooden panels. But if there’s no other option than to walk on it, you should do it directly over the purlins and joints. Since these are the roof’s horizontal support, it’s strong enough to carry your weight.

Roofs are a lot studier than it looks. However, it still needs regular maintenance to extend its life. You can always hire professionals to examine your roofs to prevent any damages.

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