Use Your Creativity to Turn Your Basement into a New Space

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Not all homes are created equal. Some have basements, and some don’t. And if you are one of the lucky homeowners who scored a basement when you bought your house, we hope you’re aware of the untapped potential that space underneath your feet has.

There’s no problem with using your basement to keep the stuff you don’t need anymore. But if that space is big enough to house a few people, why not make it a place where you and your loved ones can use just like any other space above it?

Why should you remodel your basement?

Basement finishing can open that area in your home to new activities. Here are a few reasons why you should go ahead with it:

1. You can turn the space into anything you want.

Your basement is a blank slate. You are very much free to turn it into anything. Turn it into a bedroom or two, an entertainment room, a gym, a guest area; you name it. Anything you can’t make space for in your home could be made in your be done under.

If you ever decide on turning your basement into a living space, you should take into consideration the American building codes in your state on the kind of upgrades you want for your basement. The building codes do not only apply to homes. You should also follow it even if you plan on turning your basement into a workshop. Simply put, anything that houses people should follow building codes to ensure the safety of structures.

2. You can increase the value of your home.

This should come as a no-brainer. Having a livable or well-functioning basement adds value to a house. During the process of selling, realtors will examine all parts of your home. Are rooms big enough? Does the house have the rooms required to be comfortable?

As we’ve mentioned before, not all homes come with basements. But if yours have a basement and is a finished one, it can significantly increase the property’s value. That’s if you’re planning on putting your place up for sale.


3. The basement can be a way to remodel your home’s foundation.

Having an open underground space that sits right below your home and is accessible makes it an easy job to strengthen your home’s foundation. It is not an easy task to dig in and replace old foundation materials installed under your home without a basement.

Having a basement also makes plumbing and electricity lines easy to access and repair when needed. If your basement contains those important lines and you plan on finishing the space, it is a good idea to cover them with removable walls or put them in a separate room. Doing so will not hinder you from checking on them from time to time.

4. You will maximize your home’s available space.

Like the first reason, we provided in this article, finishing your basement will provide you with more livable spaces. Most of the time, houses can be small. Transforming a basement to become a shelter is the only way to expand its space.

When turning your basement into a living space, you can make money. You can have the room up for rent. However, you will need to secure permits and again, following building codes depending on where your home is situated.

5. You can use the space for loud activities.

Are you tired of neighbors complaining about how noisy your child’s band makes when they practice? A good way to prevent a rain check from the authorities is to move noisy activities elsewhere. Turning your basement into an activity room or just fixing it up to be able to house some instruments is a good way to utilize the unused space.

You can also use the room to house your fitness equipment that if placed upstairs, will take a lot of space. Indoor sports that do not need high ceilings such as table tennis can be played in basements. Do note that basements are known for being humid, and it will be extra sticky if you chose to work out there without dehumidifiers.

How much will finishing your basement cost?

Now that you have the reasons why you should finish your basement and turn it into a useful space, you’re ready to plan who you’ll be working with. However, you should first take into consideration the safety, dryness—or lack thereof, and how much you’re willing to spend on the project.

According to Home Advisor’s recent analysis, finishing a basement to become a livable space can cost homeowners 6,000 dollars to 18,000 on average.

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