DIY Living: Tiny Houses

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With the demands of manpower getting evenly distributed across almost all fields of jobs, it’s not surprising to find a huge chunk of any given population compressing themselves into cities. This inevitably results in overpopulation in multiple areas. That’s because all of us, one way or another, would want to have our own place, our own home.

This compression of thousands of people in a small area can be a big problem for any working man because this high demand results in high prices as well. It’s extremely difficult to find a place you can rent at a reasonable price, not to mention a place you can own under your name.

Whether it’s because of the limited space you can get for yourself or you just really want a life that sticks to the basics, we have an idea for you. In this article, we’ll teach you what you need to know about tiny houses.

Tiny House Types

The term tiny house might be quite the turn-off because who in their right might would want to live in cramped spaces, right? However, there are many different types of tiny houses, and we’re certain that there’s one for you.

Built-and-Bought Tiny House

One of the most popular ways of acquiring a tiny house is by consulting a manufacturer. There are plenty of manufacturers out there that have ready-made tiny houses. These often range from 117 to 220 square feet. These tiny houses include a mounting mechanism that allows you to tow them using a trailer. If you want to customize your own, manufacturers also have building plans and designs that you could buy.

Permanent Tiny House

Another type of tiny house that is often built and ready-made is permanent tiny houses. You can find this type of tiny house being sold by several manufacturers. These are a bit larger than the previous type of tiny house and are also more permanent. Ranging from 240 to 330 square feet, permanent tiny houses are made from salvaged materials, making them more environment-friendly.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers are those huge metallic blocks used to deliver goods and products overseas. More often than not, after being shipped overseas, companies find it unwise to ship the empty containers back because it would only cost them more money. This gave birth to one of the cheapest salvaged tiny houses out there. People get their hands on these containers and design the interior and exterior to look more like a house. However, you have to be careful when constructing a tiny house using shipping containers because of the many hazards they include. Using the right materials is essential in making sure that your safety is not compromised. For example, choosing a material for flooring like those in food-processing facilities will help reduce slippery floors and guarantee that your electrical system is safe from moisture.

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Who Lives in Tiny Houses?

When you first think about it, you might wonder why people would want to live in such small spaces. It’s not to appeal to the claustrophobic in you, that’s for sure. However, depending on someone’s lifestyle, living in tiny houses may be very beneficial. Here are some, but not limited to, the types of people, or groups of people, who can benefit from a tiny house.

Living Solo

If you’re living a solo life, then the tiny house is perhaps the greatest decision for you. It’s the one type of house that’s perfectly suited for living on your own. You wouldn’t need to compromise by living in a shared apartment with other people, and you don’t need to cut a huge chunk of your monthly salary to pay for rent.

Living with Small Kids

Living with small kids is also not a problem for tiny houses. Even parents who have teenagers benefit from this movement. There are sleeping spaces for everyone, and the small space brings the family closer together, literally and figuratively. On top of that, with parents dramatically reducing their time to clean the house, they’d have more time to spend with their kids.

Small Communities

If you love having your own privacy and want to live with your friends within reach, many tiny house communities do that. They have their tiny houses parked together in a single area. If your friends share the same enthusiasm about tiny houses, then you could live together while having your own space.

The shift to a tiny house lifestyle is worth it in the long run. That’s why we want to make sure that you get to be part of this movement. To help you with the journey, you can visit our website for tips, guidelines, and reviews. We want nothing but the best for you.

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