Why Tiny Homes Are Making Big Waves

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One of the major goals of most people is to have their own homes. They work hard and save for this dream to materialize. But, the road to homeownership could sometimes be full of difficulties. Some roadblocks are high mortgages, insufficient income, and incompatible locations. One can start to wonder if they would ever achieve their dream home.

Then came the tiny house movement. This concept started in the 1970s and gained more attention around 2008. But, recent years made more and more people look at this home idea as something they would love to do. Tiny homes are houses that only have 1,000 square feet or less. Typical tiny homes range between 100 and 400 square feet. What factors contribute to the increasing appeal of these structures? Here are the most prevalent ones.


The environment is taking a hard beating with people’s activities and lifestyles. Hope is not lost. More individuals are starting to have raised awareness of environmental issues. Choosing a tiny home helps to sustain the environment.

One would need lesser materials to build these homes. Thus, the lumber supply would not diminish at fast rates. There is no need to cut down more trees to keep up with the demands of building houses.

Tiny homes run on minimal energy consumption. You would not need much to meet all heating, cooling, and lighting needs. You can take it a step higher by adopting more energy-efficient practices. Consult a trusted solar-power company for your tiny home to have solar panel installation. You can also look into rainwater-collection systems.


If you are on the quest to buy a new home, chances are you have some savings for the down payment and other fees. Instead of using it as a starting point for a traditional home, you can use it instead to buy or build a tiny home. If what you have is not enough, you could take out a personal loan. This financing solution would not take a long time to repay compared to paying for a mortgage. In cases where there is a mortgage involved, you can still save a great amount. The time to pay your mortgage and the amount you have to shell out each month are both less.

Choosing a tiny home allows you more financial freedom and the chance to be debt-free. Instead of putting a part of your income into mortgage fees or rent every month, you can use it elsewhere. You can have it for savings, investments, leisure, or a new business.

The maintenance costs of living in a tiny home are also small. Your utility bills would be cheap because you only have a few appliances in your tiny home.

A Simple Lifestyle

Some people choose tiny homes because they want a simpler lifestyle. Living in a small space would teach you to pare down your possessions. You would know which among your belongings have real value. You would also realize that you do not need so much to sustain a happy life. Even your appliances would be miniature ones. Your tiny home could teach you to cut back on waste, impulse buying, and the desire for grand things.

A simple life also means not using the bigger part of the day running around with chores. Living in a tiny home allows you to have more time to enjoy with your family or with yourself. The key to tiny home living is to have smart storage solutions. Without them, you may encounter clutter issues.

Freedom to Customize

The fun part about living in tiny homes is the many ways that you can design them. Others may see the small space as a limitation. But, with the many tiny home design ideas to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

You only have to be precise on what would work for you. Always put function above aesthetics. Also, find ideas that resonate with your personality. Get inspiration from the internet but tweak it according to your preference.

Serve Many Functions

Living in a tiny home may be a permanent or temporary option for you. In case that you want to invest in a more traditional home, your tiny home could still be functional. You could rent it out to other families or it could serve as your vacation spot. If you would build a traditional home next to your tiny one, you can make the latter your guest house.

It is not to say that tiny homes do not have disadvantages. As a homeowner, you have to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a tiny home. Your lifestyle and goals would dictate what home option is best for you.

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