How to Make a Room Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank in 4 Steps

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So, you want to live in a house that would garner a lot of likes on Instagram and pinned onto multiple boards on Pinterest. However, you do not have the money to buy an expensive mansion and deck it with the trendiest pieces of furniture around.

Do not feel disheartened. You can live like royalty without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips that will make your home look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Get Things Cleaned

You do not need to makeover your entire home to transform it. Tidying up and decluttering stuff you no longer use would make a huge difference.

Pick up the dirty clothes you carelessly threw on the floor of your bedroom and put it in the washing machine. Rearrange your skincare and makeup products on your vanity. As soon as you get out of bed, arrange your sheets, pillows, and blankets.

It is also a good time to do home maintenance tasks that you have long neglected. Call an air conditioning and dryer vent cleaning service to make sure that there are no dust, dirt, allergens, or pests in dark and damp areas. Deep clean your rug and other upholstered furniture that you may have.

Bring a Pop of Color

Painting your walls is an inexpensive way to revitalize a room. Even if you are using the same color of paint, a fresh coat will bring a brand new look to the space.

The color you choose depends on the vibe you want to go for. You can never go wrong with neutrals. Colors like white, beige, and gray are classics. They will never go out of style.

However, if you are ready to try something bolder, deep tones. Colors such as peacock blue, navy blue, avocado green, and burnt oranges are on-trend right now. Earthy colors, or the colors you can find in nature, are also very popular.

Add Art to the Walls


Now that you have given your walls a fresh coat of paint, the next step is to hang art. Blank walls are boring. The room would look empty without any decorations up on the wall.

Your art does not have to be expensive. You can purchase a print of your favorite painting or photograph. Better yet, display your own work. Make sure to use frames so the piece looks professional and expensive. You can get fancy-looking frames from your local thrift stores.

Hang Luxurious Wall-to-Ceiling Drapes

Want to create the illusion of having high ceilings? Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to cover your windows.

Long curtains give the eye a subtle guide to follow. You naturally would look at the room from ceiling down to the floor which would trick you into thinking that the room is bigger.

It is easy and quite inexpensive to do. Choose curtains that are longer than what you usually need. The material does not really matter. You can get sheer curtains for summer and then thicker ones for winter (or vice versa). As long as the curtain touches the ceiling and the floor, it is perfect for the room.

If you have a smaller window, just move the curtain rods closer to the ceiling.

Make the Room Brighter

Daylight naturally looks elegant and inviting. Open the windows and the curtains during the day to make your room brighter.

At night, consider installing more light fixtures. Sconces do not take much space but would add brightness in a dim room. Pendant lights also do not require much space but look very stylish. Floor and table lamps will never go out of style.

Your furniture and decor do not have to be expensive for them to look expensive. Do not be afraid to upcycle old stuff that you already own or found in a thrift store. Go to your favorite interior design blog or social media page for inspiration.

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