Captivating Bedroom Designs that Need Special Methods of Cleaning

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Unless you love sleeping on your couch, we start our day in the bedroom and end it in the bedroom as well. Since it plays a crucial role in most of our lives, we must keep it in good condition.

Culturally, our bedrooms will also be an extension of our personality and give most individuals a good impression. Are you a classy and laid back individual? You might want to consider a more cozy and classic-themed bedroom. Are you engaging and modern? You might want to have something sleek with exciting furniture. So it’s also logical that we emphasize making our bedroom unique.

But in terms of interior design, there’s more to bedrooms that what most people think. For instance, our bedroom’s system will need to be versatile with different types of ambient lighting. The colors will need to blend well so that the inhabitants will get a good impression of the day-night cycle. In addition to aesthetics, bedrooms will also need to have a delicate balance of both comfort and function. We’re sure that nobody wants to sleep in a rigid bed.

But compared to other rooms, bedrooms are known for needing daily maintenance and cleaning. For the most part, maintaining your average bed is pretty straightforward. Still, when it comes to unique and special bedroom designs, the material used for these types of furniture or rooms might need special attention.

Special Bedroom Designs

But before anything else, what are these unique bedroom designs? We’ll be discussing in detail these designs.

Botanical-Themed Bedroom

Everybody loves having a few potted plants in their bedroom. But let’s take it to the next level by having a bedroom that’s focused more on plants! Not only will you get good air quality (to an extent) when you have plants inside your home, but they’re a great way of minimizing stress.

It might be a challenge trying to water your plants in your bedroom when it’s close to your bed, but there are some instances that people will use hydroponics as a means of passively “watering” plants in a controlled environment.

Sometimes, people will use UV-C lighting to kill off tiny organisms and microbes that might breed through the plant’s soil. UV-C is also known for proliferating the growth of most plants. However, it’s essential to have the right dosage of ultraviolet light that’s just enough for your plants.

Outdoor-Themed Bedroom

If you’re someone who’s used to feeling the warmth of the sun on their face as they wake up in the morning, you might want to try outdoor-themed bedrooms. It’s known for being a great way of letting ambient lighting in your home while having a unique style.

There have been instances that individuals will use real soil and natural grass in some parts of their outdoor-themed bedrooms since it’s easier to let a bit of sunlight into the room through skylights. But the problem with using real soil is that it can get a bit messy. Having high-powered vacuums can easily remedy this problem.

Rattan and Wicker

For the year 2020, rattan and wicker have been known for being a more popular way of decorating your bedroom with a more tropical feel. Like incorporating bamboo on most types of furniture, this design is excellent for individuals looking for a more eco-friendly approach to designing their home.

However, rattan is vulnerable to vine weevils, while some rattan types are also vulnerable to termites. If you’re planning on using this type of furniture for your bedroom, it’s best to get a pest controller to check out different parts of your home first before making any final decision.

Special Cleaning Methods

Vacuum Cleaning

It’s no surprise that our bedrooms are one of the dustiest parts of our home. That is probably because most bedrooms are smaller than other parts of our house, so there’s bound to be particles that get suspended in the air. In addition to all these, our bedroom will usually have a good density of the fabric, which makes it susceptible to mites, dust, fur, and pet dander.

Thus, we must use different methods of cleaning our bedroom. Although there are also some tried and tested ways of cleaning. Some cleaning methods include:

UV-C cleaning

There’s bound to be more than just dust, pet dander, and fur on your bedsheets. In this day and age, one can’t be too careful to make sure that almost all types of surfaces at home are properly disinfected and sanitized. UV-C lighting is the strongest type of UV lighting known for killing a variety of disease-carrying microbes. However, it’s important to note that prolonged exposure to this type of lighting could damage your skin. But there’s been some handheld UV-C lamp models that use ozone filters, which makes it less harmful to your skin.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuums have been used for decades to keep dust and other particles off of rugs, different types of fabric, and our flooring. However, after heavy use, vacuums might get clogged up and will most likely malfunction when used heavily. If this is the case, you might want to check out Dyson vacuum repair services that can help extend your vacuums’ lifespan.

HEPA Air Purifiers

This type of air purifier has been steadily rising in popularity in the last few years. Air purifiers help sanitize the air of pollen, pet dander, and virulent agents that might cause health complications and allergic reactions. Some air purifiers have a UV feature that can help sanitize the air of any airborne particles and allergens.

There are near-endless ways of designing your bedroom. While our bedroom is a place where we can be comfortable, it’s also a prime breeding ground for different microbes. Dust can also quickly accumulate on bedrooms that aren’t attended to.

Although there are some unusual ways of cleaning some unique bedroom designs, it’s still vital that we observe cleanliness in our bedroom, especially when it’s a place that dust can easily accumulate in. After all, nobody wants to be sneezing or getting itchy while they’re fast asleep.

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