Durable Decorative Materials That Every Home Needs

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How do you choose the furniture and decorative materials in your home? Many homeowners are too focused on how the furniture and fixture look that they forget to check the durability of the materials. Redecorating a home every five years because the furniture you initially bought did not stand the test of time is time-consuming and a waste of money. That’s why if you are currently in the middle of decorating your home, you should take the time to choose the best materials to invest in. Think of the durability and timelessness of each piece.

If you have ever been to designer homes, you know that these combine style, functionality, and durability of materials when choosing the furniture. Below are some of the well-loved materials used in homes that defy trends and seasons. They are functional, versatile, and multifaceted that every reputable interior designer has worked with these materials in one way or another.


The great thing about leather is that it works with all styles. Your home can be vintage, modern, chic, glam, and classic. A piece of furniture made of leather will still work in it. It is one of the great interior classics—from ottomans to accent chairs to bed frames. You will be hard-pressed to find a designer home without a touch of leather here and there.

And not only is leather such a timeless piece, but it’s also easy to maintain. Unlike other fabrics, you only need a damp cloth to wipe dirt off a piece of leather furniture. Leather also keeps its form even as it ages.


What’s more durable and flexible than metal? Whether you have a vintage or modern vibe going in your home, metal is a great go-to material. The thing about metal is that it can complete the look of any room. It’s also a more stable material to work with. A metal bed frame can fit a shabby chic vibe if you use powder coating to paint it with your preferred color—rose gold, light pink, off-white, taupe, and black. Regular paint can make metal look brand-new, so don’t go down that route if you’re using metal for your shabby-chic inspired furniture.

Metal-made decorations such as candle holders, picture frames, and crates can also fit any home design. Metal can take many forms. It’s one of the most durable and easiest material to work with when decorating your homes.


Forget about Persian carpets. They can make a home look outdated. Interior designers use hide rugs instead because of its unique design and durability. When properly cared for, cowhide rugs can last years longer than any regular rug. The great thing about this type of rug is it can stand on its own but it’s also great for layering. You can put it on top of a natural-fiber rug or a patterned rug. If you are not a fan of layering, that’s okay because hide rugs look good by themselves, too.

Since no two hides are the same, hide rugs make your interiors look unique. It also has an organic shape that breaks the angularity of a room. Because hide rugs can sometimes be too expensive, many homeowners turn to natural-fiber rugs. With the right patterns and styles, these are great alternatives, too.


Is there a material more durable than stone? Furniture builders use stone as the base of dining tables. Countertops, fireplaces, and accent walls are made of stone, too. It fits rustic, modern, traditional, and natural looks. In the dining room, stoneware mixes great with porcelain dinnerware. They are stylish and creates a more subtle look if you’re going for that natural and subtle look.

Burl Wood

modern room

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials to use for home decoration. In particular, burl wood and its unique patterns are the perfect material for cabinets, bed frames, side tables, consoles, nightstands, and chest drawers. Like many of the other materials mentioned above, wood works well with any home design — modern, traditional, and vintage.

You can find wood in almost every room of the house — from the patio to the bathroom. Whether small or large decorative pieces, wood makes a worthy statement for every room. Its richness and depth create a kind of beauty very few materials can match. And when it comes to durability, wood is as sturdy as it is timeless.

Picking the right materials for your home is always an exciting activity. But remember not only to look for the style and color that catch your eye. Make sure that they are made with durable materials, and that every piece can last for a long time.

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